My Mother's House

A slow and steady rain was falling in the countryside
We were gathered in the garden the day my daddy died
Although they had been separated apart for quite some time
I saw mother’s tears erase the years his young widowed bride

In springtime she’ll be turning sixty and be out on the town
I really hope she finds a boyfriend a man who stays around

Well yesterday I was heading west and now I’m headed south
While I’m wandering around the world she’s wandering the house
Mother do you hear the footsteps of your husband down the hall
Don’t you realize the danger of being trapped inside those walls

And I hope one day that you will be ready
Have someone strong right by your side
Look back on your life and you surely regret it
Or find some happiness inside

Underneath the willow branches at number 29
Another crowd has gathered and they’re putting up a sign
Mother she is moving on she is doing so well
She put the past behind her now the house is up for sale