Learning How to Disappear

In the California of my mind
One night I was out walking
Looking for the star that fell to Earth
All the palm trees bending to my will
All the red tails circling the kill
In a big black hole where the universe gave birth

I’m changing I’m changing my dear
Getting stranger and stranger I fear
Let’s get out of here let’s get out of here
Learning learning learning how to disappear

Now I’m wondering what it is I’m doing
And I’m wondering who I am
And I stay up all night dancing in the sand
I’ve been curled up by the fire
I’ve been dreaming like a dog
And I feel like this pale angel understands

In a fever lost in the olive groves
Where the martyrs marched and fell
In the desert between heaven between hell
Then the wind picked up and the dogs went mad
And were howling all around
And it was above as it is below
And I went beneath the ground