As long as I remember, I’ve been learning to escape
I lock myself in places, situations I can’t change
I feel older than my age is, they say I’m too young to know
Tomorrow’s my 10th birthday, I’ll take my BMX and go

I’ll be a master of illusion, and live by the honor code
I’ll do my work in private and I’ll keep my secrets close
I’m sick of all the grownups, and how everybody lies
Don’t ever under-estimate a kid with seven lives

Break away like Houdini
While there’s still some mystery
Tomorrow you won’t see me
By the time you find this tape
I’ll have made my great escape

They put me in these boxes, with too many locks to pick
Running out of breath is how I lost life number six
But I know I’m getting better, I’ll do anything to survive
An I think I kind of like life number five

I’m out here on my own now, with no family or friends
Chains I can get out of, it’s love I don’t understand
I guess there’s only so much escaping you can do
And just like that I burned lives four to two

I’m older now and wondering why I wanted to get out
So I found that tape and listened to me say the words out loud
I’m sure I can’t remember what I kept running to
What I made them think was magic wasn’t true

So gone is all the glamour, the crowds, the mystery
For my final trick I’ll tell you how life up here looks to me
Even someone like Houdini never really got away
I guess I’m outta lives now, I wish I cherished every day
When you only have one life, you better cherish every day